How They Can Help

How They Can Help

In many situations, for many individuals, hearing aids may not be enough. There are several devices that can help a person who is struggling to hear in a variety of areas such as in noisy environments, watching TV, and on the telephone.

Hearing aids are one option which make conversation easier to hear and understand. They are no longer "your grandfather's aids." Hearing aids are true computers which can adapt to noise, and learn your preferences about sound. In addition, they can now be controlled by many cell phones opening up an opportunity to give patients easier manual control.

Devices that can be used without hearing aids, are often referred to as Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). These devices can be used by patients who are not ready to use hearing aids, or who need additional support in certain environments. Assistive devices can overcome obstacles like reverberation, distance, and background noise. 

A device that can help while watching TV is "TV ears." This devices transmits sound directly from the TV to a head set worn by a person. This allows the hard of hearing person to increase the TV volume for themselves, while leaving the volume for other listeners in the room at a comfortable level.

For those who have difficulty with the telephone, NY State now offers captioned telephones. These are land line telephones that type out in real time the conversations on to a display screen so that in addition to hearing a person they can read the conversation. These also include an answering machine which will also try out messages. This service is free through NYS and only a small fee is charged for the telephone.

These are just a few of the devices that we can provide to help a hearing impaired person communicate. Please visit our auditory and visual technology pages to learn more!

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